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30 Content Ideas for When You Don’t Know What to Post on Instagram

October 4, 2023

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30 Content Ideas for When You Don’t Know What to Post on Instagram
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Ever feel unsure and overwhelmed about what to post on Instagram? Maybe, you’re staring at your Notes app, trying to come up with a caption, but the blank page taunts you instead. Or maybe, you’re scrolling through the Instagram app to see what other brands are posting, but you end up just feeling inferior and stuck.

Been there? Me too.

That’s why I put together this list of Instagram content ideas for businesses to use!

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Instagram Content Ideas for Businesses

Behind-the-scenes posts:

  • Sneak peaks and teasers
  • Your work space
  • What you’re currently working on
  • Show what goes into making your product or providing your services
  • What a day-in-the-life looks like

Connection posts:

  • What’s important to you (family, the outdoors, feeling good in your clothes, creating a wedding keepsake, etc. You can tailor this depending on what your brand is and what it promotes)
  • Poll your audience
  • Share something that inspires you in your line of work or in your daily life
  • Tell the story of how you started your brand/business
  • Team member spotlights
  •  Share community involvement
  •  Partner with other brands/businesses
  •  Film an entertaining reel
  •  Share pictures and videos from an event
  •  Ask for advice or input on your product/service

Educational posts:

  • Tips for how to use your product effectively/make a tutorial
  •  Helpful guides that your ideal customer will be excited about (for example, if you’re a personal trainer trying to promote your training programs, maybe you share part of your grocery list with them. Or, if you’re a photographer encouraging people to book with you, maybe you share a post that has posing suggestions)
  •  Unpack industry myths
  •  Share new trends in your industry

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How you can help your ideal customer:

  •  Relate to a common struggle they have
  •  Share a story about how a customer’s life was transformed
  •  Ask a question and make a post or video that responds to it
  •  Show that you’ve walked in their shoes and how your product/service can help make their life better

Direct promotion:

  •  A customer’s review or testimonial
  •  Sales and discounts
  •  Picture or video of your product or service
  •  Run an Instagram contest/giveaway
  •  Announce new products
  •  Countdowns and reminders
  •  New business milestones

Get unstuck and Download this social media content ideas cheat sheet

I’ve made a social media content ideas cheat sheet for you!

To download it, just go to this link: Download Your Cheatsheet

Next time, you’re not sure what to post, you’ll have this list! It’s going to make your life a heck of a lot easier, and it’ll give you direction + help you stay consistent.

Did you find this helpful? What other Instagram content ideas for businesses would you add?

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