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6 ways to be consistent on social media

February 15, 2024

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If you’re a business owner, then you’ve probably been told, “you need to be consistent on social media! It’s so important to remind people that you exist and that you have something people need.” I agree, BUT it is so hard to actually practice consistency! I think I’ve finally cracked the code for my own business, and I’m here to share how to be consistent on social media.

How to be consistent on social media

I recently decided to be more intentional when it comes to repurposing my content, and it has been a game changer. I save so much time, and I don’t have to scramble, wondering what I need to post on social media each week.

Wondering how this works?

Every week or two, I spend a little bit of time writing a blog post (which is called “long-form content”) for my audience. After I hit “publish,” I then take sections or tips from that blog post and repurpose them for my business’ Instagram, Facebook, and even Pinterest.

content repurposing

If you don’t have a blog, your long form-content could be a podcast, an Instagram carousel, or even an email. It just needs to be something that’s a little bit longer in length and provides value so you can repurpose it in other avenues.

You know I had to include monthly planning in this lineup. What’s an enneagram one without her handy-dandy planner?

Just kidding (mostly).

I’m a big proponent of planning out my week on Sundays. But on the last Sunday of each month, I also look ahead to the next month and consider my goals and what I want to accomplish. This time is also perfect for mapping out my long-form content for the next month.

I set aside a few minutes to research some blog posts that might appeal to my ideal audience and map out the topics.

This helps me to be consistent on social media because of the last point I discussed—repurposing my long-form content. When I map out the topics I want to write about on my blog, then it makes it easier when I actually sit down to write them, which allows me to repurpose it for my social media accounts.

Let’s say you decided to plan out your topics for your long-form content each month and then repurpose them after you publish it. That now brings us to the actual creation process.

Whether it’s filming a reel with a tip from your blog post (or another type of long-form content) or creating a carousel graphic on Canva, you should consider batch creating.

I love batch creating because I can get my social media posts out of the way in one fail swoop. I usually make my social media content on Thursdays, then release it so I don’t have to worry about creating a post on a random Tuesday because I already have my posts lined up for the week. Batch creating also helps keep my mind on the task at hand also.  

Be sure to avoid spending hours on batch creating, though, which brings me to my next point:

I tend to get carried away and lose track of time when I batch my content. Setting a timer for an hour or two keeps me on task, and it actually makes me more productive because I know I have to finish my work (or at least most of it) in the allotted time.

Want a game plan to tackle the year and make it your best yet? Check out my post about Small Business Planning. Not only do I give you a guide for attracting your dream customers and increasing your profit this year, but I also give you a template to make a vision board and visualize success!

If you’re not already scheduling your social media content, this is your sign to! For a long time, I used Facebook Business Suite to schedule my social media posts, but now I use Metricool. I absolutely love this platform because I can schedule everything in one place, and it provides an overview of my metrics.

If you like sharing Instagram reels (they’re great!), then spend some time filming B-Roll that you can use in your posts.

You can film random tasks you do around the house or film yourself making coffee or answering emails. Then, when it comes time to repurpose your long-form content and share it to social media, you can select a video you previously recorded, add a voice-over, write a caption, and send it out into the world!

Do you plan to implement these tips for how to be consistent on social media? It’s been a huge timesaver in my own business, and I’m excited to see how it makes your life easier, too.

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