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organized * Consistent * a strategy that actually works

outsource your entire marketing department
outsource your entire marketing department

-Dr. andrew jacobs

Madelyn Furlong has coordinated the marketing for Faulkner University’s Great Books Honors program, and she has done a masterful job. 

She’s knowledgeable, organized, and highly creative. Communication with her is clear and quick, allowing for flexibility and opportunity to tailor our content to our needs. In the time since we’ve used her services, our reach has grown tremendously, both in quality and quantity.

Your business offers tremendous value to your clients, but for some reason, you're just not seeing the results you want. You're not sure how to nurture your existing clients and turn them in to your cheerleaders, and you can't seem to reach new clients . . .

Yet—because we're about to change this!

Your current marketing strategy doesn't quite show how amazing your products or services are. 


You know how you want your business to make people feel, but you're just not sure how to show that. 

It’s not that you don't know anything about marketing your business. It’s just that learning new tactics, deciding which work best for your business, and figuring out how to be consistent with it despite your busy schedule is a massive undertaking that takes years of practice to get right. You don’t have to go through all this alone though, friend, because I already have.

I work in marketing all day. I know what works, and as your marketing strategist, I care about your business, your clients, and your results as much as you do. Believe it:

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>>> You absolutely can have a marketing plan that brings your offer to life and leaves your clients feeling excited to work with you. <<<

outsource your entire marketing department
outsource your entire marketing department

How great would it be if you could attract even more ideal clients and grow your profit? 

✖️Filling your calendar with MORE unnecessary tasks    

✖️Missing out on great opportunities

✖️Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused

Guess what? You can promote your business without:

If you answered "so great," then you're in the right place.

You could just keep doing what you're doing, but ...

outsource your entire marketing department
outsource your entire marketing department

Just because you can figure it all out in 2,368 hours by yourself doesn't mean you should.

That's where my signature method comes in!

The Ask, Execute, Evaluate Method

We first dive into your business and goals. Together, we'll figure out what the end result is that you want to see. We'll also look at what type of clients you want to attract and what sets your business apart. 

Then, I'll form a marketing plan and set goals that are best for you and your business.

03. Evaluate


The Ask, Execute, Evaluate Method

After we've decided on your goals, we need to implement easily to execute.

I'll begin implementing marketing tactics to increase your business' visibility, attract your ideal clients, and grow your profit.

Whether it's through social media content, email campaigns, or local outreach, I'll help take your business to the next level.


The Ask, Execute, Evaluate Method

Did you know that mindset and productivity work hand-in-hand to help to help you hit your goals? If you feel overwhelmed and unorganized all the time, then you're not going to see results. 

That's why we look at creating easy systems to take tasks off your plate in this stage. I'll also help you create benchmarks specific to your business and help you determine what can be tweaked or better organized to foster progress. 


strategy sessions

social media engagement

email marketing

social media marketing

website design consultation

Funnel strategy

Support  Can Include:

Support  Can Include

(But is not limited to):

(But is not limited to):

outsource your entire marketing department

"Madelyn does a phenomenal job always! She has helped our venue tremendously."

- Alaina jones, property manager at the barns and bins weddings & Events venue

Outsourcing your marketing strategy is right for you if...

You don't have time to pay attention to it

Let Me Be Your CMO!

you know it's important to engage and build relationships in the community

you'd like to Turn your customers into your biggest cheerleaders

you want to Create a solid social media presence

you need to expand your online reach

You find that it's slipping through the cracks

outsource your entire marketing department
outsource your entire marketing department

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outsource your entire marketing department
outsource your entire marketing department

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outsource your entire marketing department
outsource your entire marketing department

Are you a busy and stressed-out business owner who’d like to be more intentional about how you spend your time marketing your business? 

I help you push through your biggest roadblocks, stay focused, and give you the right tools to attract your ideal client.

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